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Carico is an established international direct sales company in business since 1967, with an emphasis on top quality products. The Carico name was derived from Character in Company - which we believe suits the image of the company. Our exclusive line of high quality products are brought directly to consumers through private showings which enable us to give our customers personalized service. Along with waterless cookware, cutlery, fine china, crystal and tableware, the current trend toward health and nutrition awareness was recognized by the company and promoted Carico to develop new product lines that promote healthy living. Our exclusive water filtration systems, air purification systems, juice extractors, vacuum storage containers, and a very unique bedding system were developed with the needs of todays consumer in mind.

We welcome your feedback and are happy to assist you with any concerns you may have. Please enter your comment on our Feedback form and a representative will contact you to assist you. Providing World Class Service to our customers is our top priority. We look forward to making your Carico experience a pleasant one and to establish a long and rewarding partnership. For more information on Carico International products and opportunities, please refer to www.carico.com

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Celia Lopez

Soy Dominicana, y vivo en Miami. Quiero decirles a todos mis amigos que hace ya un tiempo que uso los productos Carico y son excelentes. Tengo la olla Slow Cooker y todo lo cocino en ella, las habichuelas, las lentejas, todo, y el arroz me queda tan bueno que parece que estuviera cocinando en Santo Domingo.

Pero con lo que mas contenta estoy es con el filtro de agua, porque he gastado mucho comprando agua embotellada, y ya no necesito ni una botellita porque todos tomamos agua filtrada y hasta mi vecina viene a buscar el agua de mi filtro. Yo les recomiendo a todos que adquieran los productos Carico, por su calidad y garantía. Garantía de por vida que tienen y doy gracias a Carico por hacerme la vida más fácil y feliz.

Y no se me puede quedar Agnerys Gonzalez, que es una excelente vendedora de Carico, atenta, cariñosa, conocedora de los productos que vende, y que que hace que uno se sienta parte de la familia de Carico

Mary Jean- NY

Vicki Restivo- FL

Thank you !!! I received the LID and very much appreciate the customer service !!! Will continue To highly recommend carico.


Anonymous- FL

I have owned your cookware for many years and I must say “It is The Best”. Once you use Carico you will never buy any other brand.
It is easy to cook with and even easier to clean, I love my cookware.
Just wanted to say Thank You.


Anonymous- WI

I purchased my set of Carico stainless steel cookware in about 1981. Along with the cookware, I purchased a set of stoneware, and black crystal wine glasses. I love to cook so my cookware and stoneware were used way more than average over the years. At the time, I was just over 18 years old. This was not a cheap purchase, in fact, it was very expensive at that time. I was very impressed with the salesman (when they still came door-to-door) and the performance of the items, he cooked with them, he slammed the cookware without it breaking, etc. Another selling factor was that the cookware carried a lifetime guarantee. It wasn’t until about 28 years later than I had to finally replace handles on my most used piece of cookware (kettle/steamer). I never dreamed that I would have a set of cookware that lasted this long, much less that it would be so easy to replace the broken handle that broke 28 years later! I was surprised to find that the company still existed and that the pieces I needed were still available. The stoneware is finally starting to show its wear. Only recently have I found a small chip out of one of the plates, my gosh, I certainly can’t complain! Anyone who’s purchased a set of dishes from Kmart, Walmart or anywhere else, you know these pieces don’t last even a few years. Carico products are a superior product. I would tell anyone looking for quality products such as these, that they do exist at Carico.

Recently I had to replace the handles on my Carico cookware. The cookware is over 28 years old. The customer service rep at Carico (Sandra Silva) has been very helpful in getting me the pieces I needed. Replacements are free, so I only had to cover the shipping and handling. This cookware is the best I’ve ever seen and used. I have not heard of any other cookware that compares in quality and value, or any that carry a lifetime guarantee. Thank you Carico for the many many years of use from my cookware!

Robert Lebda

Just a note to express my delight with the portal feature. Carico is so far ahead of the closest competing companies. Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous- FL

My daily routines each morning is similar to many other housewives who have a family. I struggle to get the family up, get them dressed for work and school, make lunches, get myself dressed for work and on top of all of this I have to worry about dinner for the family each night.

Some mornings I realize that the dinner that I want to have that night is frozen and I do not want to leave a roast out all day for concerns of bacteria. There are other days that I know that I will be too tired to think about cooking dinner at the end of the day and we all want a home cooked meal and not take out.

We are so happy that we have the Carico Ultra Cooker. This product has been very helpful. First of all my family likes have a warm oatmeal in the morning. We prefer to eat the “Steel Cut Oatmeal” which takes 30-40 minutes to cook and constant stirring, a daily routine that is nearly impossible to accomplish. But with the Carico Ultra Cooker I simply place 2 cups of water and one cup of Steel Cut Oatmeal in the unit that night before and cover. When I get up in the morning, I simply push the function key on the digital panel and in just 8 minutes a large quantity of oatmeal is waiting for us.

What is great about the product is that the food will remain at 170 degrees until we are ready to sit down and eat a hot breakfast on the busy week day mornings. Clean up is simple, fast and easy as there is only one stainless steel inner pot to clean.

The Carico Ultra Cooker also allows us to defrost a roast or chicken, and then automatically will start cooking the food either on a “pressure cooker function” or a “slow cook function”. The meals are always HOT and waiting for us at the end of the day. What a convenient product and it also saves me a lot of time and energy.

Cooking fast quick meals for my family has become a lot easier….thank you Carico

Deborah Valentine- NY

I became a very satisfied customer last night – The sales Rep, Mario Ricca installed a water purifier – we were so thankful to experience safe, clean water. We have been using your knives for the past year. Your products are wonderful and we feel we are in good hands with our sales rep. Many thanks

Katie Torres- FL

Initially, I was extremely disappointed to find Mr. Rivera, (from The Quality Only Company) could not be located, phone numbers and email disconnected. I figured any purchase made of Carico products, was considered gone. It was to my surprise when I received a phone call from Carico International, Vice President, Joseph Di Ciacco. Mr. Di Ciacco, was extremely apologetic with the situation concerning my complaint. Mr. Di Ciacco assured me that I would be helped, as well as, receive any items paid on.
My intent was not to receive anything in return, but rather, make California’s Attorney General aware of the irresponsible Mr. Rivera was with his Quality Only Company. Mr. Di Ciacoo was able to find a resolution beyond my expectations. We have received our initial order today, we are so happy to finally have the products purchased in 2007, and had considered loss.
I would like to thank Joseph Di Ciacco, Vice President Carico International. Mr. Di Ciacco was extremely attentive to my problem, and found a quick resolution. He took full responsibility to a situation, which in all honesty was not Carico Internationals full responsibility. He made sure I was always aware of the steps he was taking, with the help of Debra Collura. I would recommend any of my friends and family to purchase Carico products.

Mary Schultheis- MO

Thank you so much. You have been great!

Without your help I would have never gotten my pans replaced or repaired. I truly enjoy my Carico cookware and in the 25 years that I have used them this is the first time I had more than a handle to replace.