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Carico is an established international direct sales company in business since 1967, with an emphasis on top quality products. The Carico name was derived from Character in Company - which we believe suits the image of the company. Our exclusive line of high quality products are brought directly to consumers through private showings which enable us to give our customers personalized service. Along with waterless cookware, cutlery, fine china, crystal and tableware, the current trend toward health and nutrition awareness was recognized by the company and promoted Carico to develop new product lines that promote healthy living. Our exclusive water filtration systems, air purification systems, juice extractors, vacuum storage containers, and a very unique bedding system were developed with the needs of todays consumer in mind.

We welcome your feedback and are happy to assist you with any concerns you may have. Please enter your comment on our Feedback form and a representative will contact you to assist you. Providing World Class Service to our customers is our top priority. We look forward to making your Carico experience a pleasant one and to establish a long and rewarding partnership. For more information on Carico International products and opportunities, please refer to www.carico.com

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Josh Pesin- Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been a Carico water filter customer now for over three years.  During this time, I have been receiving exceptional service by Mario Ricca, who is one of the distributors for Carico.  Mario has regularly called to ask me how my Carico system is doing and on a few occasions when I have called him to ask him questions about it, he quickly responded with helpful advice that helped fix the issue.  When I had a particularly difficult issue with the system, he actually made a house call free of charge and helped me fix the issue with the filter.

My entire family uses water filtered with the Carico filter every day.  My two children no longer want juice boxes in their lunches; they want filtered water with filtered ice in the stainless steel Carico water bottle; gifts that were given to us by Mario soon after purchasing the filter.  As a family, we drink about 1/2 gallon of filtered water every day, from the coffee we drink, to the rice, pasta, and soup we make using water filtered with a Carico filter.  We are all healthier now because of it.  I’m also saving more money since I no longer have to buy my children juice boxes for their lunches.

 I just wanted to let you know how the Carico water filter has benefitted the health of my family and having Mario as our distributor has made owning a Carico filter a stress-free investment.


Josh Pesin

Umberto and Robin Sorrentino-NY

I am writing on behalf of my husband and I to let you know what an asset Mario
is to our family and yours, being ”Carico”.

We have been customers since 1997 (for the past 13 years) and Mario
has not missed a beat.  He is always there to update us on new
products, help when something is not working or just passing by to say hello.

Good salesmen are very few and far in between.  Mario is one of those
salesmen.  He is very courteous and kind and likes fine wine!

The main product we have in our home is the NutriTech 15 in. stainless steel water
filter.  We are very happy with this water product which we use for
refilling our water bottles as well as using it for ice cubes.. As Mario says, “whats the point of having clean water
and dirty ice cubes”  He’s soo right!

If there is a salesman of the year award, I hope that Mario Ricca receives
it..  Well deserved..

We love using the Carico product and hope to use more products in the future..

Thank you.


Umberto and Robin Sorrentino


Juana Maria Garcia- FL

Ha sido una linda experiencia ya que nos ha abierto un camino al éxito de una manera inteligente, afectiva y hasta divertida. El servicio del personal calificado ha sido excepcional lo cual nos ha impulsado a obtener nuestras propias metas. Son únicas, su calidad y garantía me impresionaron, además salud y nutrición son aspectos que deben estar en primer lugar de todos. Porque son productos de excepcional calidad que nos ayudan a tener una mejor calidad de vida, nos sentiremos mucho mejor. Toda la familia los disfrutara. Mucho más nosotras las mujeres que trabajamos y tenemos familias, en fin creo que a todos nos vendrían muy bien!


Francis Sprock

My name is Francis Sprock and I have been a Carico customer for 18+ years, dealing with Mario Ricca for all of that time. I have to say that not only am I totally satisfied with the Carico products I have, I am particularly fond of the stainless steel water filter that has worked flawlessly for me and provided my family  with safe, reliable drinking water.
In addition, Mario is a pleasure to work with, is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about Carico and seems genuinely concerned with providing safe, clean products to his clients.
I will remain a Carico customer for life, and hope that my children will as well.

Francis Sprock

Jennifer Thomas

My name is Jennifer Thomas, and I am a very satisfied customer/consumer of a Carico water filtration system.  Before Mario Ricca enlightened us to the innumerable benefits of Carico water, my husband and I were going out of our way to spend a small fortune on bottled water, not to mention the obvious irreparable damage to the environment.

We have been enjoying the delicious benefits of Carico water (and the water bottles Mario provided us with) several times a day.  We notice a marked improvement in the taste of the water and the peace of mind from having clean water is priceless. The only regret we have about purchasing the Carico water filtration system is that we did not do it sooner!

I have to say that honestly, your dedicated service is just as impressive as your product.  Mario sat down with us and provided detailed information, complete with charts and images, about how the Carico water filtration system operates.  He answered all our questions thoroughly and we were impressed by his knowledge and experience. When it was time for the first cleaning a few months later, Mario came to our home and walked us through the cleaning process himself!  I was shocked to see how filthy the filter was before the cleaning; I could not believe that we were actually consuming all that grime before investing in the Carico system.  We are very grateful for providing such a wonderfully healthy product at a reasonable price and to Mario for facilitating this process in such a wonderful way.

Very Satisfied Carico Consumer,

Jennifer Thomas
(Oh, and the brushed nickel faucet looks fantastic too!)

Janet Carson

Our family has been a Carico customer for approximately 7 years and Mario Ricca is our customer representative.  From day one, Mr. Ricca has been professional and honest.  He answers any questions we might have about Carico products with clarity and in-depth knowledge. Mr. Ricca goes above and beyond to make sure that the products he endorses are working properly.  Not only does my family use Carico water filters, we also have two room air filters that are amazing. There is no doubt that Mr. Ricca represents a wonderful company that provides a valuable service, but represents it with the highest of integrity.

Gina N.

My name is Gina.  I am a brand new Carico customer and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my order and with working with Mario R.  I am really impressed with the quality of the product and the sleek design of the water filter.  Mario worked with me to find a product at a price point that I was comfortable spending.  He also followed up with me to see if I had any questions or there were any problems.

I also have to rave about the water bottles.  I have no idea what they are made of, but ice just does not melt in those things.  Looking forward to a summer with nice CLEAN, COLD water.


Mary Underwood- South Carolina

I’m an old fashion cook over 75 and a very good one. I really did not know what to do with the Ultra Cooker given to me as a present. After looking at it for about a week, I decided to give it a try. I simply could not believe how quick and how good food could be with little or no effort. If guest call me at the last minute, I ready for dinner. Thanks to my “Ultra Cooker”

Judith Robinson- Hopkinton, MA

To have our Carico countertop water filter gives me peace of mind because we have a well on this rental property and I can’t be sure of the quality of water… the water tastes so much better.

Sue Cornwell

just wanted to let you know how excited we were when we recd our replacement handles. A BONUS when we found out two handles came for the ‘stew pot’ we only needed one for (and thought that was all we were gonna get), but replacing both make the piece look fantastic again. This Sept our set will be 30 years old and they are as ‘great’ as when they were new. and Made in America!!! Thanks :D The Cornwells